Diamond Finish - Easy Clean Glass

Diamond Finish is possibly the greatest innovation in shower screens since frameless shower glass. If you are going to invest hundreds of dollars into a shower screen, then you should protect your investment by treating the glass. Surfaces treated with the Diamond Finish process, have their microscopic valleys “filled in”, resulting in an ultra smooth barrier that protects the surface.

Glass shower enclosures are well known for being difficult to clean & maintain. Using a process called chemical deposition, a ‘Diamond Like’ material is deposited into the glass surface then capped to make it dramatically more durable. A single application has a life expectancy of 5 years on new glass.

Simple Maintenance

Like “non-stick”pans in the kitchen, Diamond Finish reduces maintenance by preventing minerals from sticking to the glass surface. Maintenance is simple with a regular wipe with our free loofah glove or microfibre cloth with cold water. It is that simple!




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